Locals, environmental groups argue scale of project bound to impact area
A 20,000 year old coral reef, the only one in the Gulf of California, is at the center of a dispute over a huge tourist development which could draw thousands to a remote part of Mexico.
At the moment, most only hear about Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, where pristine beaches meet a turquoise Sea of Cortés, by word of mouth. U.S. tourist Lenny McCarl said he discovered the village thanks to his girlfriend’s family, during a visit in June, Agence France-Presse reported Thursday. “I like the little niche up here. You drive two hours outside of Cabo San Lucas and you’re only 130 kilometers (80 miles) away, but there’s no houses, there’s just a villa here, a villa there,” McCarl said, standing on the beach.
The site is less than two hours north of Cabo San Lucas and its luxury hotels and Hollywood celebrity owned mansions, which have transformed the south of the peninsula in the past few decades. The village also lies next to the site for one of Mexico’s largest tourist development projects.

patronato cabo del este

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