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We need volunteers to help in many different ways. We are encompassing a large area of Baja Sur, Mexico.
Patronato Cabo del Este is a non profit organization working in conjunction with the authorities of Mexico who
protect and preserve the coastline here at the Sea of Cortez.  Our location is called the East cape.  We have many
inhabitants here who live on the waterfront. We can use help watching for the activity of the Sea Turtle, nesting
and hatching. We would like to be contacted when nesting occurs to ensure the safety of our turtles. During
hatching many things can happen to decrease there chances of reaching the water.  Predators and disturbances to
the path to the sea are a major problem.  Light pollution can also have a devastating effect.  We will host educational
classes to increase everyone’s awareness and knowledge will be gained. With this information each and every person
who cares to make a difference will have their chance here in the East Cape.
Share stories and your knowledge with us here on our web page. The sharing of each experience help us grow in force to
ensure the longevity of this majestic species.
We will welcome you to join us in all of our activities.

8 Responses to Become Involved

  1. Elvis Espinoza says:

    Estan haciendo un muy buen trabajo. Felicidades..! Da gusto encontrar personas que se preocupan por la concervación de las tortugas, entre otras especies.

    En estos días, estaré libre de la escuela. Me gustaría participar en algunas de sus actividades. Espero que tengan una en puerta y si la hay no duden en enviarme un correo.

    Nuevamente, felicidades..!!


  2. Marypaull King says:

    I would like to be of help. I live 6 months a year in L.B. on the north side of Buenas Aires arroyo and walk the beach in the am. I was witness to a egg relocation last year. I have an ATV and other necessary equipment. I will be coming down in late april or may. What can I donate to the cause. How can I become involved? Thank Marypaull King

  3. steve lannoy says:

    Please put me on the mailing list. Would be interested in classes and helping in anyway possible. Now camped at 9 palms where we recently had a leatherback nest. Will be here thru april and back next year. I was trained and worked as a professional wildlife biologist in the states for many years- cheers steve

  4. jennifer krouse says:

    I have volunteered in Padre Island National Seashore helping with the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles for the past 2 summers. Do you need volunteers in Mexico? I will be in the area in early October & would love to help. Please let me know how I can help & what area I shoud stay . thanks, Jennifer Krouse

  5. pepe says:

    Hola !! Please send me your email so I can explain how can you help us !!

  6. Karen Rubino says:

    We’re coming to Cabo from october 17 to the 24th. will any turtles be released that week?

  7. Dennis says:

    Hola, Amigo. Julie and I will be returning for another visit in Nov. We are staying by rancho Leonero, where we met Eva and Christobal a couple years ago. Hope to see you again and enjoy time with turtles again. Is your old cell number still good? See you soon, Dennis

  8. candi says:

    We’re coming to Cabo from Dec 23-Dec 30. will any turtles be released that week that we can help!

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