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Patronato Cabo del Este was established May 1997. by Pepe Murrieta Co founder of Cabo Pulmo National Park .For the last two years we have initiated the first sea turtle conservation project in the East Cape area of Baja Mexico. We monitor the migration habitats of the turtles, as well as their nesting and hatching. Our mission is to protect natural habitat and it’s inhabitants through hands on management, and environmental education, and public awareness.

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patronatocabodeleste@gmail.com -this is the non-profit organization protecting the Endangered Sea Turtles, in The east cape of baja sur Mexico.

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  1. Justin says:

    we were at punta colorada and we saw a turtle come on shore just infront of the suites and lay eggs on 15/8/10 came on shore about 4pm. i tried to call you also but the number wouldnt work please call me if you need more details ill be back in the states on 17/8/10 my cell is 714.323.1089

  2. Angie says:

    Is it possible for you, to come between Los Barriles and El Cardonal, to see what is going on with the people that lives arround here? They do not respect turtles at all!!!! As soon as they find one, they just take it. They do not care if they are leaving their eggs!! And also, a lot of gringos use their ATV’S on the sand where are a lot of eggs. It will be very nice if you come and do something about it.
    A lot of turtles are arriving to,leave their eggs…. It is so beautiful. Please HELP!!!!

  3. Julie Ireland says:

    I spent time with Christobal and Eva between Rancho Leonero and Los Barrielles. They have limited resources keeping the dogs out of their hatchling areas made of drftwood and netting. Their compasson for the turtles and educating humans is amazing. They need financial help to make better fencing. He works hard making palapa netting and Eva is by his side.

  4. Paloma says:

    Muchas felicidades Pepe, es un orgullo tener gente como tu en La Baja. Saludos desde Todos Santos :)

  5. pepe says:


  6. Morthy says:

    Hola, estoy interesada en participar en la organizacion para preservar la especie?
    desde el a/o pasado quiero participar pero no he recibido respuesta positiva

    quedo en espera de sus comentarios

    Buen día

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