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The East Cape terror !!

TheĀ East Cape its a beautiful area, the coastline its precious its why the Sea Turtles come in and lay their eggs here !! but we have a lot of traffic such as ATVS , MOTOR VEHICULES driving all over so we need to work on environmental programs to make people conscious about these fragilĀ species !!! tomorrow Im having a meeting with our local government and talk about how to handle drivers on the beach ! and the massive development !!!

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65 Golfinas we released !!! our firts nest for this season !!

Here in Los Barriles by the Buenos Aires arroyo , kids families , help us to released 65 Sea Turtles Babies !!!

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Como ayudar a cuidar las tortugas marinas

vean este video !! sobre como ayudar a las tortugas !

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