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Leatherback Turtle Returning Home!

We are having wonderful weather, and the return of the tourists is in full swing. Today we sighted the return of a Leatherback Turtle (or Tortuga Laud in Spanish). The female Leatherback turtle came to shore at Lighthouse Point, just to the south of Los Barilles, to lay her eggs. We were able to mark the turtle nest and we hope to protect it during the turtle egg incubation period. Leatherback turtle eggs usually hatch in about 50 to 75 … Continue reading

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Baby Green Sea Turtles

You never know when there will be a call for help. These baby Green sea turtles ended up hatching in the middle of heavy beach traffic and were therefore at risk of not surviving on their way to the sea. The hotel manager of Playa Del Sol (Tomas) gave us a call and we immediately began the rescue. The rescue also turned into an opportunity to teach and give people a first hand experience of helping the sea turtles. There … Continue reading

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